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posted on 06 Jul 2016 at 23:49

Lions and tigers kill other animals only as per the quantity of flesh that is required to keep themselves and their family members alive. It may not be correct 100% mathematically and some more animals sometimes feed over their left-overs. Whereas the greedy Pithons & Crocodiles look for a chance to kill & eat as much as possible irrespective of their capacity or the size of the predator or pray.

That is the case of an idle, selfish or lazy person looking for maximum benifit if an opportunity so arises. Such people do not care for resourse conservation or have a deep insight or love for the world or even their own children. They are made that way by their God.

The paid media today no doubt, is taking the side of such pithons and crocodiles because todays media knows well that the left overs of the pythons and crocodiles can make their life exorbitant and they are being paid for preparing a lobby that way. Hence they are in favour of the pythons and the crocodiles and leave no space and time to scold or irrepute the lions and tigers. Because they hardly get any share over the left-overs of unselfish lions and tigers.

Opening of indiscreminate Cow Slaughter houses and having a Snake & Crococodile-saving-unit across the country says emply where the Vikaas or Growth is heading towards.

Same goes true for certain countries who wish to eat out-of-proportion meals because of their idleness, greed or selfishness and are therefore hunting other religions who can fall easy pray because of their ignorance or simplicity or unsuspective nature. 

And one must also remember that the artificially Forced-Upon leaders are always a sponsored or Publisised one and would do no good for them but will be obedient towards who sponsors them and for what reason.

Meanwhile it may also be noted that through out the world, More people die not because of less eating but because of excess eating.   

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