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Who Are behaving like the Real Extremists?

posted on 02 Dec 2015 at 12:37

Earlier America Outraged Iraq over a cooked basis of 'Chemical Weapons of Mass destruction'.

UN could not or Did Not do Nothing ! ! !

Now Russia Attacks Syria with Phosphorus based 'Chemical weapon', killing a host of innocent citizens besides some targeted people.

Again, the UN could not or Did Not do Nothing ! ! !

If the same practice is seen repeatedly then one may start wondering, who the actual extremists are and if the ongoing crusade is infact being fought against the Black people (Eastern) by the White people (Western).

Where Whites are free to follow No-Rule but the Blacks have to follow rules.

The dirt or pollution actually is not on the streets or Dust-bins but in the Minds of certain Class of Hand-ful people.

Is this the one we call GLOBALISATION ? ? ?

How long you think that We can survive like this or make this world 'A better Place to Live' ?


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