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Suffering from Indigestion or Digestive problems?

posted on 25 Jul 2016 at 21:58

Today is a good day to talk about increasing Digestive problems across the whole world. A lot of people are suffering from this and attract a lot of other problems which directly or indirectly get related to it. The digestive problem is more common at places which generally remain cold for most of the year and are subjected to frequent snow fall.

A lot of thought has been given and it is finally summarized by that this trouble can be eliminated or reduced by taking few simple steps which can be taken easily by everyone who is suffering from this problem. Anyone who gets into such problem already knows that how much it can affect anyone’s day to day life, efficiency and consequent Prosperity & Happiness.


So here are a few steps suggested by us for all those who are suffering from it-

1. Drink room-temperature water or Luke-warm water instead of cold and chilled water for most of the time.

2. Do not drink or avoid taking water or cold-drinks during any meals.

3. Make it a habit not to drink water or cold-drink before 1 hour and after 1 hour of any meals.

4. People habitual of Wine etc should avoid 'On the Rocks' drinks even in cold countries.

5. Try to be regular with some sort of stomach and abdominal related physical exercises daily.

6. Avoid your stomach or abdominal area to remain exposed to cold air, cooler, fan etc for long time and especially while sleeping at night.

7. If someone can’t avoid coolers then one should wrap or cover the abdominal area with some thick cloth or multiple folds of a thin cloth before sleeping at night.

8. Eat as less as possible during Monsoon and during those 2 instances when the climate changes from summer to winter & from winter to summer. 

9. In India these periods get recognized easily by commencement of Savan-month (Monsoon period) and 2 consecutive Navratras.

10. Keeping stomach excessively cool and cold, seriously impairs one's digestive system and turns the stomach into a junkyard.

Hence those suffering from poor digestion or indigestion may kindly note the above or take a print out of the same to take plenty of benefits from these easy steps. Save Money & Save Health.

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