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share market consultancy

Here one may ask the daily movement of Sensex, Nifty or Bank Nifty. Astrologically which sector or industry is likely to do well or not across the globe or India. Which stocks to hold, buy or sell? Approximately what should be the waiting period if a stock or share has been purchased or held? Switching over from already held share to another. Please note that there is no definite birth data of the share market available and the calculations are mainly done based on the numerology, question astrology and the daily planetary movements. In absence of a definite birth data, the best thing before following these kinds of prediction is to go through astrologers past track record and the rate of accuracy of predictions that have been made in advance. So far we have been proving quite successful in making adequately accurate predictions in advance. NOTE: Since it is a high money sensitive field therefore it is being cautioned in advance that following our tips and predictions are entirely at the risk of the investor.

Price 500/-

Time duration 4 days

Report is sent through Email and notified by SMS when completed.

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