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Olympics at Rio

posted on 21 Aug 2016 at 16:21

If the Olympic games get played on the natural soil and not on expensive & artificial plastic grounds (AstroTurf) then countries like Britain etc will get only a few medals (Britain alone has won 36 medals so far). The rich countries always coolly manage to alter rules, regulations & directives as per their suitability and convenience.

How many players of the rest of the world can find it easy to play and practice for years on expensive and artificial Astro turf grounds. 

Why there is a need to turn Artificial when it comes to universally participated Olympic games.

The artificial grounds benefit rich countries in two ways. They get more accostumed to it for  a longer period and hence get more medals and these countries also earn on account of the introduction of such 'new technology' by selling them it to other countries.

It is not only the grounds but various other crafted and changed rules that make it easy for the delicate players of the rich countries to get more medals. 

People of the countries who are afraid to fight Ground wars with the terrorists groups are taking maximum medals in Olympics! 
How funny ????

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