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Returning of Awards

posted on 03 Nov 2015 at 00:01

A sensitive or emotional heart which can touch and turn the mind and heart of many others, can only make someone a celebrated writer. And hence all the writers or creative people are suppoosed to be necessarily either be emotional or sensitive or creative.

And if you just go by the names of all those 'Celebrated' writers who have recently returned their awards (and not the money), then you may find that you never heard or read about these people ever before. And lately it may also be learnt that many of these writers whose name you never heard to be awarded with a national award, belonged to a certain era of a certain political party.

Clearly it seems that these writers could never make a public appeal of their own writing or thoughts but instesd did work on the directives of certain outside Agenda. 

The people at large, of any country are never too concerned or aware about anything unless there is a news about it. And similarly all those writers who have surrendered their awards came to be known only after they started surrendering their rewards and for which the 'Christian media' who is controlling the major part of the India is should be given the credential.

In India the Christian media is the most sensitive of all other local medias when it come to be any real or even unreal dispute getting created amongst the 2 major communities of the country, Hindu & Muslim. I hope that they are showing the same "sensitivity" in every other country  where Christians are not in Majority.

This Christian media is seen always on the toe over such matters in the country. Divide & Rule has already done India a lot of loss and earned a lot of bread and butter to many a western countries.

Any news or even a foul smelling rat which can eventually laead to any kind of despute or confrontation amongst Hindu & Muslim, eventually becomes a breakink news on the Christian Funded channels of India.

It is largely felt and also experienced by any open-minded Indian, that this westernised and Christianity funded media was almost silent untill the pro-western minded people were ruling the country. Till that time, the two major communities were successfully kept face to face with each other, the Imported Media also kept silent. 

But ever since the Modi came to power, the internal insecurity & free earnigs among all those insiders as well as outsider predators who had been finding to control and squeeze India easily & freely all these years have started to become intolerant. These outsiders and their locally paid Goons, who basically belong to the DNA of a Fox, make two people fight and earn from both of them.

Seeing people united is always a big threat to them, be it India or any of the Asian country or the whole of Asia. They just can not afford to see good people getting united. They are afraid of a creative and constructive united effort by the hard working simple people. And hence they try their level best, by all kind of foul or fair means to keep others area under turmoil or unrest at all costs.

The Indian writers & celebrities who are registering their baseless protest by surrendering their awards are infact following the orders of their previous masters who have fed them plenty of food and money in advance for this very purpose. What they wrote or created is not known even to 2% of the Indian popullation. On what grounds they were given awards is also hidden under a chosen graveyard. 

All these western minded but nationally decorated people, during the westernised congress govt were never seen together over much graver basic issues of the country. Why did not these false group of patriotic writers surrender their awards when thousands of farmers were committing suicide each month. Where was their inner soul hiding that time?

Dressing impeccably, speaking flawless English & wearing a serious look & beard are just a few signs of these 'Gentlemen & Gentle Ladies'. 

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