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Killers of Rajeev Gandhi

posted on 06 Jan 2016 at 23:45

Especially the Sonia Gandhi and her Congress party should perhaps not ask questions to the present PM Modi about being tolerant over Pathankot issue. Way back some years ago when Sonia Gandhi's husband, Rajeev Gandhi was the PM of India some of the suicide bomber attackers killed him in the blast. The remaining people who were also a party to this attack were nabbed. Even after the death of Rajeev Gandhi, the Congress was ruling the country but the remaining culprits were not given a death penalty and are still in jail enjoying the Life Time Imprisonment. So if you can not make sure that your husband’s murderers or your Leaders's murderer could not be hanged by you than you should better keep silence or else tell the whole world why those culprits did not get the Death Penalty?

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