privacy policy

1.) Your privacy holds same value as it holds for us. Therefore we do not ask you anything except an email and mobile particulars for purpose of sending report and the notification. Both these information shall not be disclosed to anyone or supplied to any third party by us.

2.) Any prediction made by this site under the column ‘Tips & Predictions’ is free to be telecasted, reproduced or reprinted by anyone else provided a clear mention of the original source is written along with such kind of submission.

3.) The language used to communicate with us and while sending your feedback or comments etc should not be offensive, vulgar, unlawful or abusive. However we are open to hear any amount of right criticism and suggestions.

4.) Gaining unauthorized access or trying to manipulate the data of this website should not be attempted.

5.) We may or may not keep the various records of mutual communication of various natures which include SMS messages, emails and Report etc beyond a certain time.

6.) Question Form: The information provided by you about your birth data must be correct to the best of your knowledge. An approximation or the incorrect information shall not give correct prediction. You will be responsible for remembering & maintaining confidentiality of the email address and mobile number provided by you in the question form. reserves the right to change, modify, add or delete portions of the privacy policy at any time. If that happens then it shall be largely aimed at a better and undisputed functioning of the site. Services when applied for or if the question form has been submitted, shall mean that you accept our privacy policy and the changes if any.

7.) We do not ask or bind any of our valued customers to furnish his/her postal address so that NO ONE including the web crawlers or any of the members of this site can make an unlawful or unethical use of your postal information or predictions made by us or tries to approach or contact you in person, for any reason whatsoever.

8.) We do not invite any direct payment to be made to us. The same is done by our payment gateway administrator which as on today is a reputed firm with the name ‘CC Avenue’.

9.) We do not send any sort of scheduled or periodical predictions/ information on your email or phone. Your email is only used to send the reply of your question (Your Report) or if some relevant information concerning your question is required to be asked.

10.) You are most welcome to ask us anything regarding the Terms, Privacy policy, disclaimer etc through the ‘Contact us’ tab.


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