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posted on 15 Jun 2015 at 16:27

Likely to go down in immediate and near future. Remaining invested could be quite risky.

posted on 15 Jun 2015 at 16:22

The forecast of weather department about monsoon in India was that it would be late and weak. And our prediction of 05 Jun had said that the rains this month shall be timely and normal. And today the 'News Nation' news channel has said that the monsoon so far is more or less in time and about 7% more than usual.

posted on 15 Jun 2015 at 16:10

As being advised since last few months to refrain from buying much advertised and popular shares like Reliance and JSPL, it may be noted that the majority of reliance group shares are trading at about 50% lower than their 1 year high levels. Whereas the JSPL is trading at around 65% lower than its 1 year high level.

posted on 14 Jun 2015 at 03:05

The market ahead is likely to remain weak and breathless from inside. However the trend may largely depend upon the mood of the day to day investors. However there seems no big threat while investing in sound base Indian companies. Some of the MNCs, IT industry, and the companies in collaboration with these companies or industries are most likely to do bad.

posted on 14 Jun 2015 at 02:30

Yet another 450 migrants die in boat mishap while on way from African countries to Italy on 10 Jun. One month ago in April, 1200 migrants died in a similar way and in 2014 too, there were about 18 such incidents that took place. It is something that sounds quite abnormal and fishy and the silence of Electronic Media makes it all the more suspicious. The migrants are being migrated or being 'flushed-out' becomes a big question. About 500 dollars are to be paid by an African migrant and 1500 dollars from a migrant of Islamic country as boat fare. This large amount of migration is basically a result of acute poverty and hard living conditions in the affected areas.

posted on 14 Jun 2015 at 01:43

177 countries will celebrate the first ever 'Yog Diwas' on 21 Jun including 47 Muslim Union countries. Coins of Rs10 and 100 will be released on this occasion. A website has also been launched in this regard.

posted on 14 Jun 2015 at 01:10

India has cancelled licenses of more than 4000 NGOs (Non Government Organisations) a few days ago. Now they will not be able to take money from foreign countries. These include a host of educational institutes too. The Pakistan too seems to be following the same trend. It has also banned a leading NGO yesterday which was being run on the name of children welfare.

posted on 11 Jun 2015 at 22:13

Youth have always been a strong effective force to build a nation. But now they have been facilitated with shake a mobile, junk food and fake energy drinks, phone a friend, open vulgarity on the net and cinemas, open wine and beer, day and night tuition, politics in education, cast and reservation based divide politics, rave parties, marihuana and smack, betting on cricket and other sports, live in relationship and if nothing else then gay and lesbian culture and etc etc . . . Have all these things come to them naturally or been thrust upon them with a dubious motive to rule over them without much trouble.

posted on 10 Jun 2015 at 16:55

Delhi. The law minister of India's capital city has been arrested for possessing alleged degree in law.

posted on 09 Jun 2015 at 17:24

Our 5 Jun post on world outlook has started coming true with the news that US has blamed China of hacking its 40,00,000 computers whereas the China has denied it.

posted on 09 Jun 2015 at 17:15

Couples who try to discover a good company with each other may probably be more happy than those who consider their partner a personal possession.

posted on 09 Jun 2015 at 17:10

Earlier Switzerland was known only for its scenic beauty and black money accounts and now it is in news for its company Nestle's Maggi brand too. 3 years ago it was revealed that to highlight the taste of Maggi the company was adding the intestines of the pigs in it. Interestingly the modern day life style where the husband and wife both are employed and the hostel culture etc have also helped Maggi to become a big success quite rapidly. In 1970 Nestle had crossed all limits and claimed it's milk products to be more healthier than the mother's milk. Taking the right and timely initiative, Baba Ramdev has announced introducing the country made desi noodles soon. Now after Maggi some of the local brands like unregistered mineral waters, Yippee noodles, Top Raman, some of the Knor products and so-called energy drinks etc too are likely to face the heat.

posted on 05 Jun 2015 at 12:53

People who are seeing an opportunity & alternative in Mars are the same who have left no stone unturned to make earth a hell.

posted on 05 Jun 2015 at 12:46

Outlook for Jun 2015- The month is likely to be better than last month mostly in all respect. The film and music industry may come out with some very successful and popular emotional or romantic creations. The share markets may see high fluctuation in day to day trading. The unrest and demonstrations may not remain wide spread and get confined to some limited countries. The rains are likely to be normal and timely this month. China may feel a bit uneasy and its relations with other countries including far off nations may look little strained. More & heavier tornadoes and cyclones may get experienced at places where it is a natural phenomenon. Gold may remain generally stable. The crude oil may continue to look up. Fire prone areas and industries should take extra care to keep their fire fighting machinery up to date. The Murs virus may continue to remain effective though in smaller proportion. The real state and property may not improve. Air crashes and mishaps likely to be reduced to quite an extent.

posted on 04 Jun 2015 at 14:25

Unethical Capitalists feed on Corruption and the largest force that can restrict the corruption is police and youth. Hence the Capitalists take control of Politicians and then the Politicians take control of the police & the youth. The different political based students unions seem to be introduced for the same reason. To let them fight against each other on the name of their political leaders and this does not lets the students unite as One original and magnanimous independent entity. The day politics takes an exit from the college elections then not only the graph of corruption will nose-dive but the standard of education shall also get elevated.

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