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posted on 14 Dec 2015 at 21:43

The Paris Agreement:  Historical mileage achieved on Climate Change. 13.12.2015

Tamilnadu, India: More than 3 laks cases sorted out in One Single-Day in the state.

Confiscating of Property: New Delhi, India. Supreme Court endorsed to the Laws of 2 states to confiscate property of those involved with corruption.

posted on 13 Dec 2015 at 12:32

There was a time when the Poors remained united and the Rich were diversified over the issue of making more profits. Lately the Rich got smarter and recognised the power of Unity and the Poor were pushed into being argumental on petty issues which devided them and made them more Poor. The busy crowd now has forgotten the main issues of the life & their country and the Money is getting Polarised unresisted.

posted on 12 Dec 2015 at 13:55

Someone asked Swami Vivekanand-

What is more bad then Losing everything in Life?

Swamiji replied- Losing 'That Hope' Which can bringback Everything, you lost.

posted on 11 Dec 2015 at 08:38

Many of us wonder what was that which made our school & childhood days so smooth, happy and lighter.

The magic was, it was the only time when we had no big desires, discrimination and responsibilities. The adulthood can also be made happier by minimizing desires and discrimination. Also try replacing responsibility by 'spirit of dutifulness'. The life can become quite Smooth again.

posted on 09 Dec 2015 at 21:58

The next few weeks may witness a good time for ensuring & establishing an Improved standard of Law and Justice, across the world.

posted on 08 Dec 2015 at 23:08

Soniaji, You must get scared if you did something wrong. because the Astrology also speaks so. Changing time and a new chief justice Mr Thakur are not just a co-incidence. You of course said it proudly that you belong to Indira Gandhi but did not mention your husband Rajiv Gandhi. Whose murderers are not yet hanged because of some specific cool-minded and justice loving people . Being so 'large hearted' yourself and also being an Indian if your party members question about an intolerant India then how can you yourself really tolerate it?

posted on 08 Dec 2015 at 22:12

There is a news in some of the authentic news papers of India that the Central Govt is all set to make the farmers a share holders of the highways if the land on which the highway gets constructed belongs to them. . . . . . But did anyone of you read or seen this news in the TV channels? . . . . . . Because It is repeatedly being said by us that . . . . . . most of the TV channels or the Blue-media which are being operated by outsiders . . . . . . in this country are neither a Hindu nor a Muslims but . . . . . belong to a third civilization. . . . . . They call us the third world and we call them a third civilisation.

posted on 06 Dec 2015 at 11:40

Roughly, 90% of packed and processed foods are loaded by harmful preservatives and germicides. Resist them, restrict them and as far as possible, take things fresh to remain active & healthy.

posted on 05 Dec 2015 at 14:17

The has achieved yet another mile stone. Now if you write 'jyotishadvice' or 'jyotish advise' at Google then you can find us on TOP of the first page opened by google.

posted on 04 Dec 2015 at 22:55

Some instances are getting reported from across the country that the human organ transplant is into making a big BUSINESS within the country . . . . . Recently an international mafia is reported to have been nabbed by the police of Akola, Maharashtra, India . . . . . A big salutation to the Akola police, whole-heartedly . . .  . . In fact this is not the case of only Akola . . . .  But all the poor countries of this whole world are falling pray to such kind of inhuman practices day-by-day . . . . . Many an out-of-proportion affluent rich people across the world today have uncounted money but not the body to enjoy life . . . . .  . .  . . Whereas many a healthy people have a good body but not the enough money to maintain it . . . . .  .  . So here comes the 'Bargain'. You give me your body and I will give you the money . . . .  . All the forcefully or selectively 'DECORATED' world-organisations are also quite aware of it but you will never find them say anything . . .   . .. even a single word against such inhuman practices which does not fall at-all under human rights . . . .  . . You may however find these people, encouraging the world or getting interested in Homosexuality or un-natural relationship instead . . . . . . . . . The reason could be quite a blatant-one . . . . . . . .  An impotent is just like a drunken Ox at any time . . . . . . .  confident of ruling the world without any potency . . . . . . . This actually is the real INHUMANITY. . . . . . . . But some mouths, and not the majority of people will ever say that inhumanity resides mainly in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Turkey & the neighboring countries only . . . . .  . . Are you yourself given entirely to the propaganda spread by the Paid-Blue-Christian-Media or are you still left with some of own mind and common-sense too? . . . . . . .  . A Money-Lender of Akola had given certain amount of money to some Laborer and when he could not repay it back then he suggested / (compelled) him to sell his Kidney . . . . . . .  . (Wasn't or couldn't have there been some other alternative, instead?) . .. . . . . . . . So, it is all what we call a DEVELOPED & CIVILIZED World having clean roads and a 'Toilet'  for every home . . . . . . .  . .  . We all move the whole day talking sweet and wearing perfume all around our body but meanwhile also keep carrying a certain amount of shit within ourselves at every moment . . . . . . . .  But we really never 'Know' or 'Talk' or 'Accept' this fact ! ! ! . . . . . . . . .  .The shit in fact is not in our stomach or on the fields or streets BUT in our own minds . . . . . . .  It is being said for last many years through my statuses that the human-organs-transplantation has started becoming a big Business since long . . . . .  but it is only in the recent regime of NDA that such NEWS have started to come into light . . . . . .  .Once more a big Salutation to Akola Police to have stood against a very powerful & inhuman culprits . . . . . . Because, we just cant imagine what a human-organ-traffiking-mafia can mean all along ! . . . . . .  . Also sure that all the concerned Human Rights Bodies, WHOs & their so called 'piggy-offsprings' throughout the world, . . . .  . who know all about this inhuman practice but keep silent about it . . . . . .  . . because they EXACTLY know who the beneficiaries finally are ! ! !

posted on 04 Dec 2015 at 20:28

Astrology: Gold hits 6 years low in India. Prospective investors are advised to START buying from now on. Gold is just not any other metal, it has life.

posted on 03 Dec 2015 at 22:42

It is being heard for years that the vacancies in the Judiciary and Defense services are vacant since years in India. What could be the reason . . . . . don’t we have enough money to pay them . . . . . or . . . . . don’t we have the right kind of people? . . . or the story is something different all-together ! ! !

posted on 03 Dec 2015 at 22:08

No doubt that the natural calamities wear an ugly face sometimes, but meanwhile they also bring people together too irrespective of cast, creed & color. Just watch & learn the brotherhood the Chennai & the whole of the country has to show these days when the Chennai has been heavily devastated by the rains.

posted on 02 Dec 2015 at 22:25

Please bear with us. The excessive load at free trial is causing delay to answer the applicants at free-trial within stipulated time period. But please be assured that the free trial questions will surely be answered untill & unless this service gets stopped. If the free trial service gets stopped then also a notification about the same shall be served before all on this website. 

posted on 02 Dec 2015 at 12:37

Earlier America Outraged Iraq over a cooked basis of 'Chemical Weapons of Mass destruction'.

UN could not or Did Not do Nothing ! ! !

Now Russia Attacks Syria with Phosphorus based 'Chemical weapon', killing a host of innocent citizens besides some targeted people.

Again, the UN could not or Did Not do Nothing ! ! !

If the same practice is seen repeatedly then one may start wondering, who the actual extremists are and if the ongoing crusade is infact being fought against the Black people (Eastern) by the White people (Western).

Where Whites are free to follow No-Rule but the Blacks have to follow rules.

The dirt or pollution actually is not on the streets or Dust-bins but in the Minds of certain Class of Hand-ful people.

Is this the one we call GLOBALISATION ? ? ?

How long you think that We can survive like this or make this world 'A better Place to Live' ?


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