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Lack in Pre-Paid Service

posted on 10 Sep 2015 at 22:54

The Indian judiciary system is very quick and prompt when it comes to giving verdict on what should be the conduct of a Hindu, especially a hindu male in the country.

But quite often it is seen that the elected, reserved or selected judges whatever the criteria may be, the modern generation existing judges do not show the same kind of promptness when it comes to the matters of other religions or profit making Indigenous or MNC companies.

The Govt should please take time to tell the honest people of the country frankly if they have to suffer the same way under the existing directives of the previous Congi govt or can hope something better.

For last more then one hour I am trying to log on to net through my MTS dongle but it is not reponding at all. But if I lodge a complaint against this then I am sure that I will have to wait for a next rebirth only to be panalised to lodge a false complaint.

What is the way of suing these people who are not giving results on pre-paid services and how it can be proved that they are failing to render the timely services and how the biased judiciary system will allocate the right compensasation for the inconvience caused.

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