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Pathankot Extremist Attack

posted on 04 Jan 2016 at 20:11

Pathankot, India- It is unfortunate that even while having strong evidences of extremists presence in the region India had to see the death of several soldiers. . . . . . What if there was no previous clue, at all. . . . . . . . . ? Throughout the world, the Airforce and Navy are not as physically fit and combatant as is Army. . . . . . . . . So the Lesson to learn here is, either deploy other competent forces alongwith these services or prepare a separate wing in the air force and the navy . . . . . . who is FULLY and ONLY kept engaged in the security aspect of the bases and are not deployed in any other operation. . . . . . .

Secondly accusing the present Pakistan Govt in entirely, for this recent incident seems to be a far-fetched conclusion. . . . . . . A handful of people at Pakistan with the assistance of some foreign aids and funds, who cumulatively do not want an improved mutual relationship among countries at this part of the world, could be a better guess behind this incident.

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