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Is astrology true? Should we believe in it or not?

posted on 13 Oct 2017 at 23:31

What is astrology ? Why should it be believed or not?

We truly believe that astrology is an ultimate science, that is based upon the great Wisdom of our ancestors’ research. Every person in this planet has same organs like heart, mind, lungs, head, eyes etc but still every person is different when it comes to the mindset & thinking of a person. Every person has different attitude, intellect & behavior. Why no two people are same? And why those people who are born as twins look and also think quite similar. Because the twin birth takes place almost at the same time and at same place. So their horoscopes have very little difference. In other words, different horoscopes make different kind of people. Some people don’t get sick easily whereas some keep falling sick.

In Indian Astrology/ Jyotish, our ancestors have minutely calculated the movement of the planets, their nature & speed etc and have found that they bear a close relationship and impact over this earth and also the people of this earth. All this information that was researched thousand of years ago about the planets, is now confirmed by NASA also. This was achieved by the great Spiritual & Mathematical power of our ancestors and their ultimate understanding of the Nature and how the things are inter-connected with each other logically.

When we search the net to find an Astrological website which can be reliable and trustworthy, then it invariably means that we have some specific questions which can only be answered astrologically.

Now as we surf around the web, we come across many astro or jyotish related sites which claim to be trustworthy and accurate. It is also natural that all these sites having presence in the internet claim themselves to be best or trustworthy.

So here comes the difficulty in choosing a good astrological site and now what should we do to find to get a good, better or best site.

An old proverb can be highly useful in this regard which says-

"The Proof of the Pudding is in Eating It". That means, unless you eat the dish, you cant appreciate it.

So, to be straightforward, you have to pay or buy the services of the Astrologer to know how accurate he/she or his/her website is!

Now the next problem that arises is that you have to make payment to these astrological website which you willingly or unwillingly have chosen.

The problem what lies here is, that in 90% of cases you ask a question that relates to your Future. Very rarely one asks a question about one's Present or Past. Because that is something like wasting your money to know something which you already know.

Therefore the old proverb about Eating the Pudding yourself becomes very important, not only on matters of astrology but also in different fields.

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