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An Open Huge Injustice.

posted on 15 Nov 2015 at 21:48

Each Advertisement shown on TV should be given a limited no of insertions per day in any particular television channel. So that the television does not prove instumental as a tool to brainwash people unduly, by showing a particular product n-number of times just because some companies have earned extra funds or money than others in the past. This will help ads of genuine small scale products too who cannot afford heavy advertisement charges initially in the electronic media. Presently a few big Indian and mostly MNC's have highjacked the entire advertisement slots in the electronic media. 

Any Govt must not forget that it is the money of all the Tax payers of the country people who make it possible for the govt to send various kinds of sattelites in space. 

The sattalites are not send on the expence of few Market Tycoons or the MNC's and they can not be given any extra edge just because they have ready money in hand. Going by the law and justice the various Govts are bound to give equal apportunity to all the concerned people in such cases. 

'Be-Indian, Buy-Indian' has also remained a far-cry because of this kind of undue favour and injustice. This is by all means an illegal practice and can be challenged in the Supreme Court of any court and the result will be an obvious, 'Affirmation'.

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