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Cow that Gives Gold along with Milk

posted on 29 Jun 2016 at 14:26


Junagarh (India): Indian origin 'Gir' cows are scientifically approved of delievering Gold along with its urine. This has been proved after a 4 years of extensive research conducted by Agriculture University, Junagarh. Urine of 400 cows was tested for it. It was found that in every litre of cow urine there was 3-10 mg of gold in the form of Gold-Salt in soluble state.

Dr. BA Golakia, the head of the research team says that so far such evidances were found only in Hindu Shashtras (ancient literature) and now it is proved scientifically as well. He also says that this form of gold can also be solidified by chemical processes.

The urine of camle, buffalows, sheep & goat was also tested but no such traces were found there. Dr Golakia says that the Cow urine contains 5100 compounds. Out of these, 388 compounds are found to be useful in removing many diseases.

It may be noted with intrest that it is also being heard that the US has patented the cow urine since quite long and the cow urine is already being used in making Cancer related medication by some companies.

So here goes the most effective reason to save cows, especially of Indian origin like 'Gir'. It may also be noted that the ancient Indians had given the cow a status equal to Mother.  

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