horoscope matching (कुण्डली मिलान)

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horoscope matching

This shall require the birth data of both, the boy and the girl. The generalized tendency adopted these days is to compare the two horoscopes only on the merit of Nakshatra or Constellation matching. This does not work many a times since a score of other important factors present in the horoscope remain untouched. So when we do horoscope matching or kundali milaan we study all the other major and relevant factors in both the horoscopes. Considering all the different aspects of matching we calculate the gunas (qualifying numbers) and the overall mutual compatibility. Horo matching also includes considering the Maanglik Dosha (having a belief that the maanglik dosha gets reduced with age). No correspondence or complaints shall therefore be entertained by us if the gunas or the compatibility factors as calculated by us do not match with other astrologers or computer generated calculations. Age related factors May/ May not be looked-into while routine 'Matching of horoscopes'. However you are advised to ask for it as a Question after an alliance is almost finalized based upon the rest of the compatibility parameters.

Price 300/-

Time duration 4 days

Report is sent through Email and notified by SMS when completed.

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