Kundli Matching

In Kundli matching we compare the two kundli or kundali (horoscope) on the merit of Nakshatrawe and we also study all the other major and relevant factors in both the kundli. Considering all the different factors of matching we calculate the gunas (qualifying numbers) and the overall mutual compatibility and give you most accurate result which no other software or person can give you.
We have proudly delivered thousands of kundli matching reports.

Boy horoscope

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: : 12 hr format

Girl horoscope

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: : 12 hr format

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Total price to pay 300 Rupees


Total price to pay 5 US DOLLARS

Important note

Please fill Place, Date & Time of birth as accurately as possible. Please do not fill the form if you are not sure of the timing.

Time error of about 15 minutes can be admitted in most of the cases. There is no allowance for INCORRECT place & date of birth.

Time duration- 4 days

Your Report is sent through Email and notified through SMS when completed.

The horoscopes are read & analyzed manually and are not generated by any computer software and hence it takes time to send the report.

You can also view your report by clicking Your-Report tab on the main menu. Here you shall be asked to fill up the same email and mobile number that you had written in the Question-Form.

The date of birth given should be as per the present trend. That is, date changes after 12PM night.

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