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Due to increased work, the Free Trial services are being discontinued for some time. Those who have applied under free trial till date 25 – 2- 16, however may get the answer as per the random draw. Free Trial services whenever get restarted shall be intimated accordingly. Thanks!

Total free trial sent -> 2005

Important note

Free Trial: Many people do not believe in Astrology for one or the other reason. The Free Trial service is provided only for testing the power of astrology for those who do not believe in astrology or have lost faith in it.

Please fill accurate place of birth, date of birth and time of birth

Time error of about 15 minutes can be admitted in most of the cases. There is no allowance for INCORRECT place & date of birth.

The administration shall try to respond to at least 20 horoscopes per day under free trial. If possible we shall try to admit up to 40 horoscopes per day depending upon the work load. There is no time slot for filling the free trial form. It can be filled any time of the day. 20 to 40 visitors shall be selected for the answer per day. A brief report of these selected visitors shall be sent within 4 days.

Price is ZERO

Time duration- 4 days

free report is sent to your email address.

information about free trial

In this service the visitor has to enter only the birth data as asked in the Free Trial Form. No specific question is to be asked in the form and is to be left Empty. As per your birth data, our astrologers shall make a few statements about you. There is no fee to be paid for this service.

It is requested that a visitor while applying for a free trial should fill this form only if one is sure of the birth particulars. The second request is- not to repeat the same birth particulars again.

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