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posted on 17 Sep 2105 at 22:52

For about last 3 to 5 years ago I had been writing it repeatedly that the fb should have a Dislike button too, along with the like button since it would have saved quite a time of fb users.

Because in case where U don't like a particular post then you have no other option then to write a few points or comments about that post. Which in turn benefits the Programmer or the server to keep you engaged for a much longer period then which is really required, on the Net.

In most of the cases the response towards a trash post is not given by any ordinary fb user and they prefer it to be ignored, because of time & money reasons. And in such situations even a trash post keeps gaining only the likes because the fox-like clever programmers are not interested in what the user is trying to deliver but are mainly interested to earn revenue by keeping them Engaged.

No one wants a bigger bill than required or which is not affordable on regular basis. And because of this very reason, even the worst or cheapest of posts keep succeeding in getting some sort of headway or popularity on the net or fb because of the hired cyber army.

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