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East v/s West

posted on 16 Nov 2015 at 23:18

Azam Khan on the recent France-Mishap, has quoted Newton’s 3rd law very aptly that every action has an Equal & opposite reaction. The one-sided hired Blue media (the English/ European Media) does not show what is happening exactly in Syria & in such other countries. The blind folded onslaught in these countries by the 'Outsiders' find no slot in the popular Blue media or the News channels but a few casualties in the European states are made a Talk of the century by this presstitude media. If you believe in Royal Stag or Royal Challenge then this ongoing crusade against the Muslim countries in nothing else but a battle in between 2 different thoughts/ religions. One who wants to control the market at any cost and the other who wants to maintain its traditional values at any cost. And mostly the traditional people will Win this battle today or tomorrow.

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