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Accept Cuff & Cold

posted on 25.11.15 at 0125


If you get caught by common cuff or cold then try to let it go of its own. It gets developed in the body for your own betterment. It will take out the unwanted impurity which has got deposited in your body during the winters. In winters we do not take required amount of water and the impurities do not get a suitable outlet to get out of our body. If you try to suppress it through medication or antibiotics then the impurities will remain inside you. The cuff and the cold generally do not last for more than 3-5 days. And any kind of medication too takes about the same duration. But when you get well without taking medication then the experience of getting cured will definitely be far more refreshing then you could ever imagine. Because letting the cuff (or the impurity) pass through your body is the only perfect treatment. Just because you are more concerned about what others will feel about you will definitely make you sicker than before.  

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