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Cause of Intolerance

posted on 04 Nov 2015 at 11:56

I think a lot of intolerance can be removed from not only India but from entire Asia just by thinking over this status. 

From China to Afghanistan, divide the entire territory into 2 States. In one state let all the people who look like Chinese or Nepalese stay and in the other state let all the people who look like Indians & Pakistanis stay. Let the similarity of faces and physical built be given the major consideration. Because similar faces have similar mental-attitudes too. Not necessary though, but to a greater extent. 

Here some people may disagree that the mentalities of India & Pakistan are different though their faces are same. So when such questions get raised then it should also be remembered that India & Pakistan were not different until 1947 and were the same family. Divide & Rule policy of outside-invaders did so to harvest benefits from both the sides even after they left the country. 

The 'Lov-Kush' region in Afghanistan shows it amply clear that once upon a time all the countries ending with suffix 'sthan' including Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrzistan etc were once a part of same family. The people of Asian subcontinent must learn how to remain united from the Western people. 

The main cause of unrest and intolerance is hidden somewhere in above statement. If the different parts of the body are not placed together or if each organ has a separate agenda of its own then how a body will function is not difficult to understand.  All the intolerance and friction that the Asian countries face from time to time is the result of the scattered body parts having no symmetry. 

Nothing is impossible in this world and if the people of Asia try to understand this fact then there is nothing which can stop prosperity in the region. Just imagine how much money that we burn into Armament and border security will get saved and there will be no poor left in entire Asia. Asia has everything that is needed. 

Hope some clean and clear minded leaders also sit together and think about it sometime. Remember again, nothing is impossible. The only thing is we must think over it and if agree then also accept it. Requesting everyone who reads this status, to Share it if agreed.  

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