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posted on 08 Sep 2015 at 23:18

Even the best Astrological predictions may sometimes not prove beneficial to you. Why? Because after a series of tested accurate astrological predictions, one starts following them blindly. And in due course of time tends to bid a huge amount based upon the proven past track record. Whenever people start believing these predictions with full faith, the accidents begin do occur. It usually happens because of the inborn greed. If the rate or %age while making a stake is not unduly multiplied or invested then the track record of proven-predictions is always expected to give you a good dividend. Hope it is understood well what is being intended to be communicated here, especially in context with our share-market predictions. So please never grow over-enthusiastic or invest everything that has been earned so far on the ground of a series of predictions coming true, made by us. Keep the invested amount or its ratio, constant.

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