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Aadhar Card of India?

posted on 18 Nov 2015 at 23:02

The basic structure of BJP looks no different then the Congress when it comes to forcibally extracting biometric datas like thumb & Eye impression to be recorded on the name of 'AAdhar card' and to put it across the net where anyone can tap it, see it and make use of it.

The eye and the thumb impressions, just like the birt data are extremely a private affair of any indivisual and forcing or compelling someone to disclose them in public or onto some electronic data base or onto some card are entirely illegal if any country's constitution promise its people a 'Right of Privacy'.  

The whole world knows that no 2 different people have the same hand-imprints and this very fact is being practiced by the police and detectives all over the world since centuries. Also there are a number of softwares available in the world that predict about someone just on the basis of these imprints.

Just imagine if a wrong kind of software gets introduced internationally to recognise some certain kind of people worldwide who do not fit into some certain kind of system and whose data base is available through the Aadhar card or such other types of cards then what will happen to them. If the Christians are in power worldwide and if they notice a particular thumb or eye imprint does not suit them then what will happen and if the Muslims are in power and they recognise a similar threat or if a Hindu or whatever are in power and recognise some threat likewise then what will happen . . .

Most importantly the Aadhar card, the way it is introduced in India itself raises a hundred questions. The Aadhar cards introduced in the period of congress by Neelkeni were intended to be recognised as a valid proof for many a reasons but which also said it clearly that it was 'Not a proof of Citizenship'. How the hell such cards can prove a legitimate document for an Indian or an Indian company when it is clearly written on the card that the Aadhar card is not a document of citizenship.

The petroleum industry recently has made it mandatory for the people of India to qoute the Aadhar card No to get the benefit of gas subsidy offered by the govt. How can the Gas company make it mandatory to qoute a number of certain card which is not a proof of Citizenship itself. And this is not a fact that travels like a submarine and the govt or the supreme court are not aware of it. 

But yet there is silence at all quarters.

At first place why the Govt of india does not endorse it in first place in the Aadhar card that this card is also a certificate of citizenship of India. What holds them to make a declaration about it. Or the govt of India thinks that it can attract the people of the neighbouring countries to come and start living in India. If Indian politicians think that this is a way to unite Bangladesh and Pakistan into India then they are definitely going to proove a Big fool today or tomorrow. 

The BJP initially portrayed that it is all about to scrap the Aadhar Card but has been keeping silence about it for a long time. And even then when when the Petroleum industry has made it mandatory for all its customers to furnish the Aadhar card number. Is petroleum industry outside from India? Is it not a part of the country or the Govt of india.

The judiciary too seems like a backbone-less entity in the country having confusion whether to implement it or abolish it. Sometimes it says Yes and sometimes it says No. When the top judiciary itself is seen under confusion on trivial matters like this, then what will happen to common man of the country.

What a pathetic state of affairs for the Indian people.

Then we afford talking proudly about globalisation too !!!! 

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