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Aadhaar Cards have no Aadhar themselves?

posted on 08 May 2016 at 23:40

CM Kejriwal says that why Modi is afraid of taking action against Sonia (even though he himself took no action against Sheela dixit or Robert Vadra even when he was learnt to have sufficient proof about them. It may be remembered that these were the only two issues and the Social working sites who made him CM of Delhi).
But I will accept to his credentials as an intelligent IITian only if he can answer me a simple question that why the people at UIDAI, people behind making Aadhaar Cards are taking finger imprints of all the 10 fingers alongwith a photo of a person's eye's iris-diaphragm to make an Identity card in India which is not a proof of Indian Citizenship itself.
I certainly can not ask this question to Modi because he is not as much qualified as is Kejriwal because he is not an IITian.
Modi may be running the country, that could be because of his destiny or luck but the all time brainy Kejriwal must be able to give me answer that why the people behind aadhaar cards are taking finger imprints of all the 10 fingers along with the eye diaphragm to make an Indian id-card which finally is not a proof of Indian citizenship itself.
It is not that I am writing this status just because that I know that this post will not reach to Kejriwal or to one of his close associate who can reach him by all means.

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