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Reservation, a curse to India

posted on 09 Aug 2015 at 23:21

No one allows in his own home, institute or office etc a weaker or less efficient person to lead the show. It implies to all kinds of people irrespective of cast, creed, category, and religion. But when it comes to getting a seat, opportunity or promotion on the basis of State/ nationally declared Reservation then all the beneficiaries choose to keep silent and start enjoying the ‘gifted status’.

This is what is the difference when it comes to matters concerned about our own self and when we are concerned about the Nation. Why don’t or why can’t we treat the nation as our own family and say "No" to the presently prevailing illogical Reservation system.

The previous government has sown such a seed of Divide and Rule" that the whole country has got crippled. The plan has been designed so cleverly that even the next governments which come to power cannot dare eliminate this system. And if they do so then the wrong people would again get the Chair.

So when we talk next time about patriotism and love for the Country, that time we must look at ourselves too. Are we the beneficiary at the cost of the country’s interests or not.

No country can grow or develop where capable sit at home and the incapable run the offices and the administration. When one sees it in a broader perspective than only one can find that the reservations have done no good either to themselves or the country. A wrong engineer, a wrong doctor, a wrong leader, a wrong registrar and all such other people lastly prove much more costly and harmful to our own self too.

In Congress, only one family had the entire control, over the party & country till now. Many popular schemes were introduced by them when one of those family members was the prime minister. But when it came to introducing Reservation in India then VP Singh was 'acting' as the prime minister.

Just imagine if the Reservations had a good present and the future prospectus then why it was not implemented during the premiership of a member from Gandhi family. Why a member of the ‘Gandhi’ family did not introduce it during his/ her tenure?

Today all those who find the reservation as a big mistake do not curse a Gandhi but the VP Singh and precisely that was a reason that any of the ‘Gandhi’ did not attach its name with this ill-intentioned scheme.

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