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Monsoon 2019 India

posted on 20 Jun 2019 at 21:06

Wide-spread and sufficient rains are expected to start across India anytime before 23 Jun.

Agriculture is expected to get a very smart boost and dams are likely to get filled with full capcity.

Floods and heavy downpour are likely this year including regions of Maharashtra, Gujrat and Delhi.

Pilgrimage to holy shrines of Inda like Amarnath & Kailash Parwat is also expected to get affected by the heavy rains and land slide.

Hence the people and the Govt are requested to take good note of it.

Overall, the rains this year after last week of Jun 2019 look quite promising in terms of accumulation of water if the govt takes interest.

The Indian govt till todate is only crying for scarcity of water but has no management plans for today or future. Every year the Central & State govts of India, influenced by nafarious NGOs and water mafia keeps telling horror stories of the depleting water levels.

But that is just to fool the citizens. Water content on this earth was 2/3 a thousands years ago and is still the same in ratio. The basic amenities are only becoming a source of political-mafia-revenue each year.

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