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Making of Vaastu approved house maps Rs 500. A computer printed basic plan layout shall be sent to you. Directional allocation and size of different rooms, kitchen, toilets, open spaces, verandah, stairs and parking etc. Only single floor layout shall be made. The length and breadth of different rooms may be modified or changed as per individual requirement but the directional aspect should not be changed. If the house or building is already made and you wish to get it checked as per the Vaastu principles then the house or building map will have to be sent as attachment Rs 300. If the map or drawing is of large institutions or factory then the consultation fee shall be intimated after receiving the drawing. The remedies or any change or alteration that may be needed shall be conveyed. NOTE: please be sure of mentioning the direction in all kinds of maps and drawings. Sometimes a roughly estimated direction is written on the drawing by the draftsman. Hence you are advised to use a compass yourself and send the exact East or North direction. State briefly in the map about the surrounding area around the house in all directions. If the map is of a office or business premises please mention the nature of office/ business being run there. When sending the map please give exact title to different rooms as per their use. The location of all the entry and exit gates must be mentioned.

Price as mentioned above

Time duration 7 days

Report is sent through Email and notified by SMS when completed.

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