Terms and Conditions

1.) The minors or those who are below 18 years should not place paid-orders without taking prior consent of parents.

2.) Jyotish Advice tries to give the best advice based upon Established Astrological texts & beliefs. However, everyone is entirely free either to follow or not to follow the advice(s) expressed by this site. No astrological explanation shall be given in case the predictions or suggestions made by us do not come true or do not fulfill your expectations. For most of the people, Astrology is largely a matter of faith, belief or even amusement whatever one may perceive it to be. We do not attach any degree of guarantee or warranty with the different kind of service offered by us. It is purely at the discretion and risk of the customer if one wants to go by our advice/ suggestion or not.

3.) No Claims or Refunds should therefore be forced-upon the site.

4.) Clicking on any of our services mean that you have read and agree with the Term & Conditions, the Privacy policy & the Disclaimer of this site.

5.) No Registration is required to go through any part of this site.

6.) Your personal information i.e. telephone no or the email address shall not be disclosed to anyone by us at any cost.

7.) We never ask anyone to tell one’s sensitive personal information such as postal address, the bank account no or the different kinds of passwords.

8.) If a Question has been asked but the payment is not made within 7 days, then the question may get deleted from the records.

9.) The questions should be asked in English/Hindi only.

10.) Some horoscopes or Janma-Patri fall at the junction point of 2 consecutive signs. In such case reading the horoscope can sometimes become difficult. In that situation, if we find ourselves unable to give a proper answer then the fee paid will be Refunded back.

11.) We do not Provide or Sell any kind of Yantra, Gem stones, Rings, Metal or Chains etc.

12.) The 'Terms & Conditions' on this page may change from time to time and one must re-read it every time before a fresh consultancy is asked.

13.) We can send some sms very rarely about our offer only to our users.


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