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posted on 30 Aug 2016 at 22:32

Can Genetically-Modified (GM) seeds give you enough nutrition and value for money which the natural seeds can not give? Or its just a playtime with your health? Do you really know why such seeds are in market and how they are undermining your health?

posted on 29 Aug 2016 at 14:00

People finally start seeing You the way you see to Yourself.

posted on 27 Aug 2016 at 15:42

Kaliyug: No matter if our hearts and minds are dirty, Our bathrooms and toilets must be Clean.

posted on 26 Aug 2016 at 14:53

2 days ago it was in news that India has reached 7th position in richness after surpassing Canada and Australia. Interestingly it may also be noted that in India more than 100 crore people have made 'Aadhar cards' presumably to get various kinds of subsidy benefits from the govt. Out of about 125 crore people if more than 100 crore people have made Aadhar cards to get financial benefits than it means that a huge 80% people are interested in taking financial benefits from the govt and therefore can hardly be called rich. And if that is the case of 7th ranking rich country of the world then the pathetic state of the whole world becomes self explanetary.

posted on 26 Aug 2016 at 14:35

Pioneer of Human rights, America records increased number of atrocities against Black people. 46% black people endorse that they experienced partial behavior in their day to day life this year as per a survey.

posted on 26 Aug 2016 at 14:26

Interestingly, both the olympic medalists and the 4th placed Deepa Karmakar, all of them were coached by Indian coaches. None of the player coached by a foreigner could get a medal this time.

posted on 26 Aug 2016 at 14:16

Please refer our prediction of 09 Aug regarding dilution of disputes. In that context it may please be noted that a 50 year old gurrila war between 'Columbia govt' and 'Revolutionary armed Forces of Columbia' has been called off this weak. Good Wishes to both. 

posted on 25 Aug 2016 at 14:12

Our Friends & Surroundings will surely Help Us, only if we ourselves are of Helping Nature. 

posted on 21 Aug 2016 at 16:21

If the Olympic games get played on the natural soil and not on expensive & artificial plastic grounds (AstroTurf) then countries like Britain etc will get only a few medals (Britain alone has won 36 medals so far). The rich countries always coolly manage to alter rules, regulations & directives as per their suitability and convenience.

How many players of the rest of the world can find it easy to play and practice for years on expensive and artificial Astro turf grounds. 

Why there is a need to turn Artificial when it comes to universally participated Olympic games.

The artificial grounds benefit rich countries in two ways. They get more accostumed to it for  a longer period and hence get more medals and these countries also earn on account of the introduction of such 'new technology' by selling them it to other countries.

It is not only the grounds but various other crafted and changed rules that make it easy for the delicate players of the rich countries to get more medals. 

People of the countries who are afraid to fight Ground wars with the terrorists groups are taking maximum medals in Olympics! 
How funny ????

posted on 09 Aug 2016 at 22:48

It is expected that the extremism (or also terrorism) around the world would reduce by about 35% for at least next six months and the various groups that are in conflict with each other will prefer the Compromising-Mode.

posted on 9-8-2016 at 22:34

Gone are the days of valour & warriors. Today only the cats, creepers, crocodiles, serpants, anacondas 

and cowards have a better life who feed themselves and their families on the pretext of treachery or deception over others.

Many of the countries are surviving today only on this vary accord in this present era.  

posted on 07 Aug 2016 at 21:20

Those who worship Shiva for any of the reasons, will get much better results if they replace the name Shiva and call him by the name of 'MAHADEV'. 

posted on 04 Aug 2016 at 11:51

Nirmalta (something like Purity) of Soul, Mind & Heart is the only key to a Healthy Body. The Body itself can not remain or become Healthy / disease-free unless the soul, mind & heart are Nirmal or Pure. If it is difficult to make these 3 things 'Nirmal' then an other key to remain healthy is the selfless service towards others. Meditation, Yoga, Worshiping etc are some of the Human-made tools which can make a person more or fully Nirmal. And if one can become 'FULLY NIRMAL' then he/ she is just near to GOD.  

posted on 29 Jul 2016 at 22:34

Every person comes across lots of deeds in one's life.

Some deeds earn one Credit and some deeds earn one Debit, though it does not mean that all the deeds are necessarily calculated in terms of money only.

And Lastly only the person who has accumulated more Credits than the Debits finds the Eeshwar or God in the Last 'Journey'.

No other Rituals or counter-steps or prayers of any sort can EVER over-take this Fundamental. 

Leaving this world with more Credits can ONLY make one's life Worthwhile. 

posted on 25 Jul 2016 at 21:58

Today is a good day to talk about increasing Digestive problems across the whole world. A lot of people are suffering from this and attract a lot of other problems which directly or indirectly get related to it. The digestive problem is more common at places which generally remain cold for most of the year and are subjected to frequent snow fall.

A lot of thought has been given and it is finally summarized by that this trouble can be eliminated or reduced by taking few simple steps which can be taken easily by everyone who is suffering from this problem. Anyone who gets into such problem already knows that how much it can affect anyone’s day to day life, efficiency and consequent Prosperity & Happiness.


So here are a few steps suggested by us for all those who are suffering from it-

1. Drink room-temperature water or Luke-warm water instead of cold and chilled water for most of the time.

2. Do not drink or avoid taking water or cold-drinks during any meals.

3. Make it a habit not to drink water or cold-drink before 1 hour and after 1 hour of any meals.

4. People habitual of Wine etc should avoid 'On the Rocks' drinks even in cold countries.

5. Try to be regular with some sort of stomach and abdominal related physical exercises daily.

6. Avoid your stomach or abdominal area to remain exposed to cold air, cooler, fan etc for long time and especially while sleeping at night.

7. If someone can’t avoid coolers then one should wrap or cover the abdominal area with some thick cloth or multiple folds of a thin cloth before sleeping at night.

8. Eat as less as possible during Monsoon and during those 2 instances when the climate changes from summer to winter & from winter to summer. 

9. In India these periods get recognized easily by commencement of Savan-month (Monsoon period) and 2 consecutive Navratras.

10. Keeping stomach excessively cool and cold, seriously impairs one's digestive system and turns the stomach into a junkyard.

Hence those suffering from poor digestion or indigestion may kindly note the above or take a print out of the same to take plenty of benefits from these easy steps. Save Money & Save Health.

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