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posted on 20 Nov 2015 at 22:23

The integrity of Nitish Kumar towards the state and the Nation can not be questioned beyond any doubt. And so is the case about Narendra Modi.

There are a host of compulsions in politics and are known to everyone in India.

If a BJP without Modi was not trusted by Nitish and there is nothing surprising about it too, as the most of the country people also do not believe a BJP without the Modi. 

The BJP as the largest opposition at centre when the Congies were ruling almost like an autocrat and when all those big names of BJP like Murli Manohar Joshi & Aadvani prooved themselves almost idle to oppose them or their policies. 

This fact remained in the minds of the country people and in a bid to recover the facading face of BJP, the Bjp was FORCED to introduce Modi as PM with his flamboyant speeches. This is a fact that BJP would have been no-where in the Indian politics if they did not project Modi as PM (one can go through my previous statuses for that). And In all probabilities the Modi was not going to be figured or projected as a future PM if the BJP did not see itself a part of history after the Elections of 2014. 

There is no doubt that the majority of Indian people are confident that the Modi and Nitish both have a good intention and will put their level best to uplift the country. The Nitish getting elected for a 5th term is evident of it.

Although the Lalu & Bihar are near to making it a sort of history that a particular family has produced 2 CMs & a deputy CM in less than a decade the fact remains undisputed that Nitish remains to be an anchor for Bihar.

The BJP lost Bihar, not because of anything else but because of firing at Nitish for wrong reasons.

But just imagine how glorious the picture can become if Modi gets succeeded in eliminating all those bad particles which even Nitish dislikes and the 2 good hands finally join hands before the D-Day. 

And please do not ask what a D-Day means here.

It is requested that the above status may be taken from an opportunists point of view but from a nationalistic point of view.

So that is all for today. Hopefully a very good Goodnight to All.

PS: In a quite previously written status on Fb it was stated quite clearly that the Modi & Nitish will become ONE on one certain day. Hope that the instincts which were active that day will fructify in future too.

posted on 20 Nov 2015 at 00:01

Afghanistan, Iraq & Syria fall in chronological order as per the World Geography. And all of them have been offended by America time and again for no concrete reason so far. Americans with the help of other Western allies bulldozed Iraq & Afghanistan for no apparent reason. Later with the same support they created havoc in Syria too. A silent UN only reminds us of a "sold-over" property.

It may not be noticed or recognized easily by the laymen but perhaps the Americans have come across some very wrong kinds of astrologers or mentors like UK who have advised them to ruin all the states beginning from Afghanistan to Turkey if they wish to remain alive in the future. I repeat, from 'Afghanistan to Turkey'. Just Watch, the next target will be any of the country in the same region.

Sometimes these kinds of well-wishers or the astrologers could have been hired or funded by the UK too, which is the cleverest fox that has existed till todate all over the world.

The Americans basically, are just as simple and laymen as it has repeatedly been forecasted by this site. But the same stand cannot be taken for UK.

How the smallest of nations could rule the entire world for centuries? Definitely there is some extremely selfish insect/ mentality behind it. Which all countries run the TV channels on the name of a Fox? The Fox like attitudes are never taught enough through the text books!

If America thinks or is made to think by a "bought" Muslim-presidential-ship that by eliminating all the countries in between Afghanistan & Turkey can make them immortal then it will eventually prove that Americans will figure no where in the History very soon although the UK will keep maintaining a place in the world map. Just because it does not fire a hatred-weapon from its own shoulder but through a slave of it.

If you do not have a open mind then you may consider it just an another story but if you are capable to think even a minimum and care for self existence, then the things are as clear as they can possibly be.

Americans, do you really understand what is being said here or if your next war is not against Iran or Turkmenistan but ME or the Humanity?

Suit yourself and continue to live happily if you wish So. Do not eliminate yourself in a bid to eliminate someone you are being paid for. Stir yourself clear of the UK if you so desire and recognise !!!!.

People who take it or propagate it as propaganda may see the results themselves in a very short time.

Good luck.

posted on 18 Nov 2015 at 23:02

The basic structure of BJP looks no different then the Congress when it comes to forcibally extracting biometric datas like thumb & Eye impression to be recorded on the name of 'AAdhar card' and to put it across the net where anyone can tap it, see it and make use of it.

The eye and the thumb impressions, just like the birt data are extremely a private affair of any indivisual and forcing or compelling someone to disclose them in public or onto some electronic data base or onto some card are entirely illegal if any country's constitution promise its people a 'Right of Privacy'.  

The whole world knows that no 2 different people have the same hand-imprints and this very fact is being practiced by the police and detectives all over the world since centuries. Also there are a number of softwares available in the world that predict about someone just on the basis of these imprints.

Just imagine if a wrong kind of software gets introduced internationally to recognise some certain kind of people worldwide who do not fit into some certain kind of system and whose data base is available through the Aadhar card or such other types of cards then what will happen to them. If the Christians are in power worldwide and if they notice a particular thumb or eye imprint does not suit them then what will happen and if the Muslims are in power and they recognise a similar threat or if a Hindu or whatever are in power and recognise some threat likewise then what will happen . . .

Most importantly the Aadhar card, the way it is introduced in India itself raises a hundred questions. The Aadhar cards introduced in the period of congress by Neelkeni were intended to be recognised as a valid proof for many a reasons but which also said it clearly that it was 'Not a proof of Citizenship'. How the hell such cards can prove a legitimate document for an Indian or an Indian company when it is clearly written on the card that the Aadhar card is not a document of citizenship.

The petroleum industry recently has made it mandatory for the people of India to qoute the Aadhar card No to get the benefit of gas subsidy offered by the govt. How can the Gas company make it mandatory to qoute a number of certain card which is not a proof of Citizenship itself. And this is not a fact that travels like a submarine and the govt or the supreme court are not aware of it. 

But yet there is silence at all quarters.

At first place why the Govt of india does not endorse it in first place in the Aadhar card that this card is also a certificate of citizenship of India. What holds them to make a declaration about it. Or the govt of India thinks that it can attract the people of the neighbouring countries to come and start living in India. If Indian politicians think that this is a way to unite Bangladesh and Pakistan into India then they are definitely going to proove a Big fool today or tomorrow. 

The BJP initially portrayed that it is all about to scrap the Aadhar Card but has been keeping silence about it for a long time. And even then when when the Petroleum industry has made it mandatory for all its customers to furnish the Aadhar card number. Is petroleum industry outside from India? Is it not a part of the country or the Govt of india.

The judiciary too seems like a backbone-less entity in the country having confusion whether to implement it or abolish it. Sometimes it says Yes and sometimes it says No. When the top judiciary itself is seen under confusion on trivial matters like this, then what will happen to common man of the country.

What a pathetic state of affairs for the Indian people.

Then we afford talking proudly about globalisation too !!!! 

posted on 18 Nov 2015 at 18:58

In last few months the Alexa ranking for this site has improved from 98 Laks to 25 Laks.

posted on 18 Nov 2015 at 18:51

There is no substitute of getting married at right age. Timely the marriage, better the future Relationship.

posted on 17 Nov 2015 at 22:24

This World is standing at cross roads today, confused to what faith or path to be followed. Sorry, even I dont know. But the current confusion is largely because of the fact that most people follow the person and not the thought or idea behind it. 99 good things done by the Gandhi or Modi get nullified just because their 100th thought or idea bounced back. No one is God here. So when we tend to go behind person and not the idea then all those remaining 99 good thoughts also become obsolete for us. So if you or anyone agrees with me then always go for the idea and not the person. Because ideas are long lasting and people die often.

posted on 16 Nov 2015 at 23:18

Azam Khan on the recent France-Mishap, has quoted Newton’s 3rd law very aptly that every action has an Equal & opposite reaction. The one-sided hired Blue media (the English/ European Media) does not show what is happening exactly in Syria & in such other countries. The blind folded onslaught in these countries by the 'Outsiders' find no slot in the popular Blue media or the News channels but a few casualties in the European states are made a Talk of the century by this presstitude media. If you believe in Royal Stag or Royal Challenge then this ongoing crusade against the Muslim countries in nothing else but a battle in between 2 different thoughts/ religions. One who wants to control the market at any cost and the other who wants to maintain its traditional values at any cost. And mostly the traditional people will Win this battle today or tomorrow.

posted on 15 Nov 2015 at 21:48

Each Advertisement shown on TV should be given a limited no of insertions per day in any particular television channel. So that the television does not prove instumental as a tool to brainwash people unduly, by showing a particular product n-number of times just because some companies have earned extra funds or money than others in the past. This will help ads of genuine small scale products too who cannot afford heavy advertisement charges initially in the electronic media. Presently a few big Indian and mostly MNC's have highjacked the entire advertisement slots in the electronic media. 

Any Govt must not forget that it is the money of all the Tax payers of the country people who make it possible for the govt to send various kinds of sattelites in space. 

The sattalites are not send on the expence of few Market Tycoons or the MNC's and they can not be given any extra edge just because they have ready money in hand. Going by the law and justice the various Govts are bound to give equal apportunity to all the concerned people in such cases. 

'Be-Indian, Buy-Indian' has also remained a far-cry because of this kind of undue favour and injustice. This is by all means an illegal practice and can be challenged in the Supreme Court of any court and the result will be an obvious, 'Affirmation'.

posted on 13 Nov 2014 at 13:27

It is in the News that Dawood owns a lot of property in London. And it is hard to believe that London does not know who the buyer is. 


So the question arises that why did London allow Dawood to buy all these properties in the country? 


UK is a permanent member of the UN too. Why should UK or any such other country be made and be allowed to remain a permanent member in the UN or is it some sort of a New definition of being Tolerant? 

posted on 11 Nov 2015 at 13:06

Those who often walk over the foot prints of others, cannot leave a mark of their own.

posted on 10 Nov 2015 at 21:58

The most distinguished quality of Modi (PM of India) is that he can produce current even from a Negatively charged particle. Today or tomorrow he will prove it to all. All the Neutral elements (who see nothing beyond earning money and have no specific human quality, either) know it well, not only in India but across the globe and are finding all the possible ways to nail him down at any cost under disguise, by making a rival Mahagathbandhan (united group) or whatever.

But so far, no one has succeeded in going against the destiny and any such attempt has only resulted in Self-Destruction. Its your wish after-all, to take this post lightly or seriously.

posted on 11-9-15 at .

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posted on 04 Nov 2015 at 22:05

Difference between Physical & Mental Hunger:

A lion waits for a target which is proportionate to his hunger & does not attack a larger animal bigger than his physical needs unless otherwise necessary, which could be because of the old-age factor.

But a crocodile or a python usually attack a larger animal than their actual appetite.

Because, the mental hunger of a crocodile or a python is much more aggravated than the Lion.

And you will surely notice that most of the 'animal' channels who try to defame Lion & glorify the Creepers, have the same mentality which the Crocodiles and Pythons possess.


posted on 04 Nov 2015 at 11:56

I think a lot of intolerance can be removed from not only India but from entire Asia just by thinking over this status. 

From China to Afghanistan, divide the entire territory into 2 States. In one state let all the people who look like Chinese or Nepalese stay and in the other state let all the people who look like Indians & Pakistanis stay. Let the similarity of faces and physical built be given the major consideration. Because similar faces have similar mental-attitudes too. Not necessary though, but to a greater extent. 

Here some people may disagree that the mentalities of India & Pakistan are different though their faces are same. So when such questions get raised then it should also be remembered that India & Pakistan were not different until 1947 and were the same family. Divide & Rule policy of outside-invaders did so to harvest benefits from both the sides even after they left the country. 

The 'Lov-Kush' region in Afghanistan shows it amply clear that once upon a time all the countries ending with suffix 'sthan' including Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrzistan etc were once a part of same family. The people of Asian subcontinent must learn how to remain united from the Western people. 

The main cause of unrest and intolerance is hidden somewhere in above statement. If the different parts of the body are not placed together or if each organ has a separate agenda of its own then how a body will function is not difficult to understand.  All the intolerance and friction that the Asian countries face from time to time is the result of the scattered body parts having no symmetry. 

Nothing is impossible in this world and if the people of Asia try to understand this fact then there is nothing which can stop prosperity in the region. Just imagine how much money that we burn into Armament and border security will get saved and there will be no poor left in entire Asia. Asia has everything that is needed. 

Hope some clean and clear minded leaders also sit together and think about it sometime. Remember again, nothing is impossible. The only thing is we must think over it and if agree then also accept it. Requesting everyone who reads this status, to Share it if agreed.  

posted on 03 Nov 2015 at 00:01

A sensitive or emotional heart which can touch and turn the mind and heart of many others, can only make someone a celebrated writer. And hence all the writers or creative people are suppoosed to be necessarily either be emotional or sensitive or creative.

And if you just go by the names of all those 'Celebrated' writers who have recently returned their awards (and not the money), then you may find that you never heard or read about these people ever before. And lately it may also be learnt that many of these writers whose name you never heard to be awarded with a national award, belonged to a certain era of a certain political party.

Clearly it seems that these writers could never make a public appeal of their own writing or thoughts but instesd did work on the directives of certain outside Agenda. 

The people at large, of any country are never too concerned or aware about anything unless there is a news about it. And similarly all those writers who have surrendered their awards came to be known only after they started surrendering their rewards and for which the 'Christian media' who is controlling the major part of the India is should be given the credential.

In India the Christian media is the most sensitive of all other local medias when it come to be any real or even unreal dispute getting created amongst the 2 major communities of the country, Hindu & Muslim. I hope that they are showing the same "sensitivity" in every other country  where Christians are not in Majority.

This Christian media is seen always on the toe over such matters in the country. Divide & Rule has already done India a lot of loss and earned a lot of bread and butter to many a western countries.

Any news or even a foul smelling rat which can eventually laead to any kind of despute or confrontation amongst Hindu & Muslim, eventually becomes a breakink news on the Christian Funded channels of India.

It is largely felt and also experienced by any open-minded Indian, that this westernised and Christianity funded media was almost silent untill the pro-western minded people were ruling the country. Till that time, the two major communities were successfully kept face to face with each other, the Imported Media also kept silent. 

But ever since the Modi came to power, the internal insecurity & free earnigs among all those insiders as well as outsider predators who had been finding to control and squeeze India easily & freely all these years have started to become intolerant. These outsiders and their locally paid Goons, who basically belong to the DNA of a Fox, make two people fight and earn from both of them.

Seeing people united is always a big threat to them, be it India or any of the Asian country or the whole of Asia. They just can not afford to see good people getting united. They are afraid of a creative and constructive united effort by the hard working simple people. And hence they try their level best, by all kind of foul or fair means to keep others area under turmoil or unrest at all costs.

The Indian writers & celebrities who are registering their baseless protest by surrendering their awards are infact following the orders of their previous masters who have fed them plenty of food and money in advance for this very purpose. What they wrote or created is not known even to 2% of the Indian popullation. On what grounds they were given awards is also hidden under a chosen graveyard. 

All these western minded but nationally decorated people, during the westernised congress govt were never seen together over much graver basic issues of the country. Why did not these false group of patriotic writers surrender their awards when thousands of farmers were committing suicide each month. Where was their inner soul hiding that time?

Dressing impeccably, speaking flawless English & wearing a serious look & beard are just a few signs of these 'Gentlemen & Gentle Ladies'. 

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