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education consultancy

Generally this is for the parents since the education of children has become the top priority these days. The pressure and rate of success become important variables here. How much strain the child can take and which subjects can be learnt more easily by the child can be taken as clue through astrology. Learning of which age is more likely to benefit in future. Science, commerce, arts, bio, math, medical, engineering, computer, administration, business etc, the choices are numerous. Though we have our own astrological tools to find which subjects the child will be good at, yet we recommend that while asking question on education parents frankly tell us briefly that the child is good or interested in which subjects. If the child has a choice then please write his/her choice also. Education these days means investing a lot of money, time & commitment to enhance future possibilities and hence we wish to offer best in this regard.

Price 500/-

Time duration 4 days

Report is sent through Email and notified by SMS when completed.

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